The Future of SEO

Google has been changing its search engine algorithms faster and more frequently than ever before with three core algorithm updates and two product review updates in 2021, making SEO even more crucial to most businesses. The future of SEO looks brilliant as Google is sure to continue to implement an increasing amount of updates to its algorithm, as our dependency on mobile devices and Google increases, since in 2022 there is already 6.6 billion smartphone users globally according to Statista, and smartphone users are expected to grow to 7.5 billion by 2026. Whereas, the current global population is about 7.9 billion, which means that 84% of the world owns a smartphone as of 2022.

The SEO field has evolved so much over the last decade with SEO becoming more complex, SEO companies are now using AI to either write or heavily edit SEO content about a certain topic their client wishes to rank for on Google. Some SEO professionals even have their own title of “search engine optimization engineer” which shows how SEO is transitioning from a human SEO “writer” to an SEO “engineer” doing SEO in the background. SEO engineers are expected to know SEO best practices, SEO tools, SEO strategy, and SEO ethics.

What is the Future of SEO?

So what is the future of SEO? Here’s 5 future SEO trends for 2022 and beyond:

AI-Based SEO

SEO companies are also incorporating AI into their SEO strategies which can either take the workload off of human SEO writers or serve as a way for SEO writers to do SEO even better than before.

Using AI-based algorithms will change not only how people perceive SEO companies, but how SEO companies view SEO writers. SEO writing will either be completely automated with AI or utilize SEO companies with SEO professionals who use AI to edit their content. SEO companies might view SEO writers as SEO engineers, giving SEO writers more responsibilities and a higher salary.

Currently, AI-based SEO writing is used by SEO companies to create SEO content about a client’s products or services. However, SEO writers are still necessary for SEO companies, because SEO writers know SEO, and SEO companies need SEO content to be SEO-friendly with a human touch (i.e. personality), to avoid the content sounding too robotic.

Search Engine Optimized writing is also becoming so advanced that SEO companies are now offering SEO writing courses as SEO writers are expected to know SEO best practices and SEO tools.

SEO agencies that offer SEO writing services will have SEO writers who are expected to know SEO tools, best practices, strategy, and ethics. SEO writing is becoming more important than ever before considering SEO writing is essentially SEO companies’ primary service.

This transition makes me think of how AI and SEO will interact in the future. With AI algorithms writing SEO content for SEO professionals, what does this mean for SEO? Does Google even care about SEO anymore when machines are doing SEO for SEO professionals? SEO looks to be shifting towards machine-based SEO writing instead of human SEO writing.

Audio Search and Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular as it serves as an alternative form of entertainment to music. For instance, in 2021 28% or 79 million Americans were weekly podcast listeners compared to 69 million Netflix users, which could indicate a bit of a shift away from video to audio content consumption. This makes me wonder how AI is going to affect SEO prospects in the future with audio search becoming more prevalent now that podcasts are becoming so popular. SEO professionals that specialize in SEO for podcasts will certainly be needed as SEOs that can optimize SEO content for audio search.

Voice Search

Now that we’re in a voice search world, SEO is more important than ever. With voice search, people are using their voice to search the internet instead of typing on a keyboard. This has made SEO professionals shift their focus on optimizing SEO content for voice search.

For instance in 2021, Statista reported that 6.4 billion people will use voice search at least once a month. That’s a lot of people using voice search, which is why SEO professionals are focusing more on optimizing SEO content for voice search.

Long-Form SEO Content

I predict SEO to shift even more towards long form SEO content, rather than short form SEO content in the future. Long form SEO content is much easier to turn into a podcast, video, or other type of SEO media content. SEO companies are already shifting their SEO focus words towards long-form SEO content, and SEO experts are already suggesting writing blog posts that are over 3000 words long to help rank SEO content for highly competitive SEO keywords. SEO companies are also beginning to focus on SEO readers as well as SEO viewers as SEO becomes more about website user experience than SEO keywords and backlinks.

Decreased Social Media Impact on Rankings

In the future I predict SEO to become less reliant on social media engagement as SEO will focus more on SEO content that can be turned into SEO video content, SEO audio content, SEO images, and other types of SEO media. SEO companies are already finding that SEO rankings aren’t as SEO reliant on social media engagement as SEO companies once thought.

Although it’s always difficult to predict the future of SEO, I predict SEO to become more hyper focused on mobile website user experience, semantic search, local searches, and long form SEO content and video and voice search, rather than about keywords, backlinks, and short form SEO content under 1200 words.



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