Top 5 Plumbing Marketing Tips 2021

Top 5 Plumbing Marketing Tips 2021

Are you currently struggling with getting a good ROI from your digital marketing for your Canadian plumbing business? This is perfectly understandable when there are so many different types of digital marketing and advertising you can use, such as SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and social media marketing. Read on to learn about our Top 5 Plumbing Marketing Tips in 2021, which will significantly help increase online leads for your plumbing business. 


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1. Updated Modern Website

One of the most obvious, but often overlooked digital marketing issues I see all the time for local plumbing companies is having outdated, unprofessional websites, which look like they either built the website themselves or had a friend build it, or they just haven’t updated their old HTML-based website’s design in years. 

And although it might seem like it doesn’t make that much of a difference to your plumbing businesses’ bottom line to have a slightly outdated website, in our smartphone-obsessed world, it is more important than ever! Not too mention all of the competition among local, regional, and national Canadian plumbing companies (many which already have very nice, search engine optimized websites) to have at least a relatively up-to-date modern-looking website, which is fast, mobile optimized, and search engine optimized to help generate as many leads as possible from possible prospects without turning them off by having an outdated or slow website. 

2. Local SEO. Local search engine optimization for highly competitive home service based businesses, such as plumbers is absolutely necessary, otherwise no one will likely ever find your business on Google or you will just waste tons of money on Google Ads. Moreover, it is crucial to rank high in the local Google Maps rankings for plumbers in whichever city or area, which you service, for instance, if you live in London, Ontario, then you will ideally want to rank in the top 3 spots on Google Maps for “plumber london ontario”, since this keyphrase receives 1,000 searches/mth. on, and other popular search terms related to your core service offerings. For instance, if you provide emergency plumbing services in London, Ontario then you can also try and rank for “emergency plumber london ontario”. 

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In addition, part of your Local SEO and Google Ads strategy should be investing in getting a Google Guaranteed badge on your Google My Business profile for about $60/mth., which essentially allows you to show up as a “Google Guaranteed” service provider on Google for plumbers in whichever city you are based, which will ultimately lead to you getting higher visibility and more leads on Google, since Google is God when it comes to generating local leads for service based businesses. To learn more about the Google Guaranteed Badge, visit:

3. Invest in Google or Facebook Lead Generation Advertising

If you are not already investing money in Google or Facebook lead generation ads, I would highly recommend considering doing it soon, especially since it is the slow (i.e. Shoulder Season) right now for HVAC and plumbing companies. 

In terms of which is the most effective I would say that it really depends on the competition in your local market where you are running Google or Facebook ads. For instance, if you are just targeting people living in Woodstock and St. Thomas, Ontario, then I would say Google Ads would be much more effective at generating leads and sales for your plumbing business. However, if you have a lower budget and are targeting customers in a bigger city, such as Toronto you might want to test out running some Facebook ads as well to see which performs the best. 

And always do extensive keyword research on Google first or use a Free keyword research tool, such as Ubersuggest to figure out the cost per click (i.e. CPC) rates and competition level (i.e. paid search difficulty) of your most relevant search terms you want to show up on Google for in your service(s) area. 

4. Consider Investing in Professional Social Media Management

Although social media marketing might not be the best way to generate the highest ROI from your marketing budget, this is missing the point of what social media marketing is used for most businesses! It is primarily for generating brand awareness and customer service, rather than pure lead generation. If you can afford to hire someone to do social media management (even on a part time basis, such as 3 posts per week) it is still a very useful way to keep a solid presence on the main social media platforms that your customers use the most, such as Facebook and Instagram. 


Source: Iron Horse Plumbing on Facebook.

5. Test, Track, Rinse & Repeat! Always remember to test and track all of your digital marketing and advertising campaigns for your plumbing business using Google Analytics, and other popular marketing reporting platforms, such as SEMrush and Hootsuite or you will land up burning through your profits, which could be used for the types of digital marketing that will actually grow your business! 

Hopefully our list of Top 5 Plumber Marketing Tips in 2021 gives you a better idea of where you should consider focusing your marketing budget on to help grow your plumbing business, while maximizing the ROI you get from your digital marketing budget. If you are interested in learning about how we can help your Canadian plumbing business generate 5-10 more high paying customers per month, please set up a Free 15-minute Digital Marketing Strategy Session below! 

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